Who are we?

Gina Mezina is an ecological, edible landscaping company established in 2011 and is the oldest in its field in Israel. The company is managed by Benny Lifshitz and Alex Chemodanov, who have spent many years working in and teaching environmental gardening, ecology, how to grow organic vegetables and cooking.

At Gina Mezina, we live and breathe healthy garden systems and advocate their creation. We provide service at the highest level, with emphasis on aesthetic and solution-driven landscaping.

What do we do?

Over the years we’ve established hundreds of edible gardens throughout the country. Whether in a private house or business, on the roof, balcony, or yard we’ve helped many people grow organic food on their own.

We specialize in custom designed gardens that incorporate fruit trees, vegetable beds, kitchen herbs and medicinal plants for all to enjoy.

Nice to meet you

לגדל מזון אורגני
Benny Lifshitz

For over a decade, Benny was a key figure in the Israeli culinary scene and worked on some of the industry’s most successful projects.

In 2011, Benny became vegan and studied permaculture and practical ecology. Making a natural connection between growing food and the kitchen, he combined the art of gardening with the culinary arts and founded Gina Mezina.

Benny works from the deep recognition of the correlation between people’s health, nutrition and the environment. He believes there’s no issue more pressing and important.

הקמת גינת מאכל אורגנית ביתית
Alex Chemodanov

Alex has taught and worked in practical ecology, permaculture and food growing since 2009. He joined Gina Mezina in 2013 and is the co-owner and CEO of the company.

Alex’s experience includes long-term work at SPNI and other NGOs, managing sustainability programs, building community gardens with adults and youth, growing and selling vegetables. Alex strives for creative solutions and has a great love for working with soil and creating living systems.