Tel Aviv Rooftop Garden, 5th Floor

Rooftops and balconies are particularly important for people living in towns and cities and need to be designed with care and attention. They are one of the best potential gardening spaces for growing food in pots and containers and add value to every home.

Our clients live in a fifth floor apartment in the center of Tel Aviv. One of the key features of their apartment is its 25m2 north-west facing rooftop. The family wanted us to create an edible rooftop garden that would be child-friendly, full of produce and incorporate shaded niches. 

Beyond the usual work challenges of executing a garden in an urban environment, it was crucial to reduce the radiation of the western sun in the second half of the day. For this reason, we chose to design and execute most of the garden to the south and west.

We built a bamboo trellis for Summer vegetables to climb and produce afternoon shade. Fast climbers such as tomatoes, beans and Malabar spinach quickly grew to cover the trellis and create shade on the adjacent seating area.

We designed and executed this garden with custom-made wooden containers that look great and incorporate different seating areas. The garden is designed for all the family to enjoy, relax, host guests, harvest food and spices, use medicinal herbs and enjoy some much-desired shade.

As the garden continues to grow, we enjoy watching the garden evolve and produce an abundance of food.

Design, execution & maintenance: Gina Mezina
Photographer: Yuli Gorodinsky

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