13 best summer vegetables to grow

We’ve put together useful planting tips for growing 13 summer vegetables in your yard, on your rooftop, or balcony.

The Israeli spring months (mid-March to mid-May) are considered the sweet spot for changing over your organic vegetable garden. It’s the time to prepare your soil with compost and mulch, adjust your irrigation, and begin sowing seeds or planting seedlings in your beds. This article covers a list of 13 summer vegetables that are fun to grow at home including sweetcorn, tomatoes, edible sunflowers and more!

*Want to know the right time to harvest your summer vegetables? Check out our blog “Harvesting Summer Vegetables: A Short Guide” (in Hebrew, English version coming soon).

How to grow Zucchini
How to grow eggplants
How to grow peppers
How to grow Basil
How to grow lablab
How to grow cucumber
How to grow Tomatillos
How to grow pumpkins
How to grow edible sunflowers
How to grow sweet potatoes
How to grow watermelon

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Good luck with your gardening projects!

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