Savion – Wild edible garden

Wanting to break away from conventional gardening methods, our client asked us to design a healthy ecosystem in their garden that would support an organic vegetable garden, pesticide-free fruit orchard and rich wildlife habitat for local flora and fauna.

We were given a dunam and a half of land to design that surrounded the clients house. Our design incorporated an organic vegetable garden, large fruit orchard and lush habitat corridors that would help restore and preserve biodiversity.

You’ll see from the gallery images below how the trees and bushes we planted grew to become the wild and natural conditions needed to support a holistic garden system.

Over the years, seasonal crops such as vegetables, which originally took up most of the garden, were gradually replaced by different perennial plants such as medicinal herbs and kitchen spices, flowering shrubs and edible trees.

Today, the garden boasts a large diversity of beneficial plants for humans, animals and the whole environment. Regular visitors include children, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, mice, turtles, birds and snails.

Over a decade since being established (in 2011), the garden continues to grow and provide an abundance of produce, protection, and ever changing niches for all to enjoy.

Design, execution & maintenance: Gina Mezina
Photography: Yuli Gorodinsky

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